We invite you to explore the wealth of information about the composers and works presented on Musicians of the Old Post Road's concerts:

This section includes:


Each podcast focuses on a unique aspect of music history through narration and musical performance.



Timeline of Music and History from 1670-1840

Trace the history of the music MOPR plays with our interactive timeline!

Programs, program notes and audio from past seasons

Musicians of the Old Post Road has been recognized not only for its artful performances, but also for its scholarly and informative program notes. This section of the website archives programs and program notes from past seasons along with excerpts from live performances.


The Musical Dice Game

If you enjoyed the musical dice games played at our concerts, you can now play one at home! The musical dice game "Gioco Filharmonico" was published in Naples around 1800 and was attributed to Haydn. This edition has been partially reproduced and adapted to a practical format and is available for free download.



Fascinating and informative articles on a variety of topics drawn from our years of research.