OPR Discovery Podcasts

Each podcast focuses on a unique aspect of music history through narration and musical performance.

  • Music in the Life of George Washington

    Although Washington was not a musician himself, he was a great appreciator of music and a fine dancer. This podcast is an exploration of the music George Washington heard at his Mount Vernon home.

    Written and narrated by our Research and Marketing intern Fiona Boyd, with research by Kaylan Stevenson, Daniel Ryan, and Suzanne Stumpf

    Works performed include "Washington's Minuet" by P.-L. Duport, a minuet for harpsichord by Lully, a piano concerto by Theodore Smith, a violin and piano sonata by Maurer, a flute quartet by Pleyel, and "Washington's Gavotte" by P.-L. Duport.

    Performers include Suzanne Stumpf, flute, Sarah Darling, violin, Daniel Ryan, cello & harpsichord, and Michael Bahmann, fortepiano

  • The Extraordinary Moravians

    This podcast explores the musical activities of the American Moravians, who were German-speaking communities established in the eighteenth century in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Music and music-making pervaded nearly every facet of their community life. Learn about the early American composers from these communities who wrote some of America's first chamber music.

    Works performed include the Trio in D Minor, Op. 3 no. 2 by John Antes, the String Quintet no. 4 in C Major by Johann Friedrich Peter, and the Quartet in C Major op. 1, no. 6 by Joseph Haydn.

    Performers include Suzanne Stumpf, flute, Julia McKenzie, Stephen Marvin, Christian Day Martinson, and Hilary Walther Cumming, violins, Marcia Cassidy and Dana Maiben, violas, and Daniel Ryan, cello.

  • Jefferson’s Music

    An introduction to the musical interests of Thomas Jefferson and the music he collected and performed with his family and friends.

    Works performed include the traditional fiddle tune "Love in a Village," Johann Schobert's Sonata in Bb Major for keyboard and violin, Antonio Campioni's Trio Sonata in C Major, Arcangelo Corelli's Violin Sonata in C Major, and Maria Cosway's Ogni dolce.

    Performers include Suzanne Stumpf, flute, Julia McKenzie, violin, Daniel Ryan, cello, Michael Bahmann, harpsichord, and Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano.

  • Berlin Rediscoveries

    A sampling of chamber music works from the Berlin Singakademie archives, an important collection thought lost during World War II but recently recovered.

    Musical works include Johann Joachim Quantz's Quartet in D Major and Quartet in E Minor, C. P. E. Bach's Trio Sonata in Bb Major, and Gottlieb Muffat's Harpsichord Concertto in C Major.

    Performers include Suzanne Stumpf, flute, Christina Day Martinson, violin, Marcia Cassidy, viola, Daniel Ryan, cello, and Michael Bahmann, harpsichord.