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DD SarahDelving Deeper Episode 1

The Teenage Violin: Growth Spurts in the Seventeenth Century by Sarah Darling

Originally used as an instrument for dance bands, the violin really grew to maturity as a solo voice between 1600-1700. Excitement over the flashy new instrument and its potential will be explored in this talk with musical samplings.


DD SSDelving Deeper Episode 2

Journey of the Transverse Flute by Suzanne Stumpf

Co-Artistic Director Suzanne Stumpf traces the evolution of the flute from the Baroque era as the first fully chromatic transverse flute, to the development of multi-keyed Classical and Romantic flutes, to Boehm's modern flute. As she discusses and performs on seven different instruments, listeners will learn about the cultural and technological influences that guided changes to the flute and experience the charm of each instrument.

DD DanDelving Deeper Episode 3

Unaccompanied Cello Repertoire: Origins through J. S. Bach by Daniel Ryan

This presentation/performance explores the origins and early development of the cello. The variety in structure of and approaches to the instrument is reflected in the fascinating early repertoire written for it.  Music performed and discussed in this presentation includes some of the earliest works for the cello that use an alternative  tuning of the instrument; that same "Italian" tuning was used by J. S. Bach in his Suite No. 5 in C Minor for solo cello which will be discussed and performed in its entirety.

DD SudDelving Deeper Episode 4: Sites and Sounds of Early Sudbury

Musicians of the Old Post Road teams up with the Sudbury Historical Society to explore some of history-rich Sudbury’s most fascinating historical sites. Historical Society members offer brief talks at each location, providing a richer understanding of each site’s history and key personages in Sudbury’s past. The ensemble performs modern-day premieres of fascinating, rediscovered works by 18th-century Massachusetts composers and arrangers at each site, bringing this history to life!

Funded in part by the Sudbury Foundation.