Stars in Their Eyes imageDiscover music by Enlightenment-era composers who were both musicians and scientists (most with interest in astronomy) as well as works by other 18th-century composers inspired by star-gazing. Video version includes beautiful musical iconography of the period, paintings of various featured personalities, astronomical renderings, and more!

Written by Daniel Ryan and Suzanne Stumpf
Narrated by Suzanne Stumpf

A video version of this episode can be seen here.

Kristen Watson, soprano
Suzanne Stumpf and Rachel Carpentier, traversi
Sarah Darling and Jesse Irons, violins
Marcia Cassidy, viola; Daniel Ryan, cello
Michael Bahmann, harpsichord
Musical selections:
(Excerpt during narrative: Johan Daniel Berlin: Sinfonia in D Major - Allegro)
Johann Christoph Schmidt: Chaconne from Les Quatre Saisons
John Marsh: String Quartet in Bb Major - Finale (Presto)
Johan Daniel Berlin: Sinfonia in D Major - Largo
Carl Frederich Baumgarten: Quartet in G Major for flute, two violins, and cello, op. 2, no. 6 - Allegretto
William Herschel: Symphonia di Camera in F Minor - Allegro moderato
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Ariette and Chaconne from Castor et Pollux
Performed at Musicians of the Old Post Road's "Stars In Their Eyes" concert at Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA, May 2019