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This podcast brings Vauxhall's festive atmosphere to life

Vauxhall in the outskirts of London was the scene of captivating outdoor concerts and public gatherings in the 18th century. Through tuneful English songs and brilliant symphonies and concertos by star composers Arne, Handel, J.C. Bach, and Hook, interspersed with anecdotes from the period, this podcast brings this festive atmosphere to life.

Written by Suzanne Stumpf and Daniel Ryan; narrated by Suzanne Stumpf

A video version of this episode can be seen here.

Performers: Teresa Wakim, soprano; Suzanne Stumpf, traverso; Héloïse Degrugillier, traverso;
Elisabeth Axtell and Jane Sebring, natural horns; Sarah Darling and Jesse Irons, violins
Marcia Cassidy, viola; Daniel Ryan, cello; Jay Elfenbein, Baroque bass
Michael Bahmann, organ
Musical selections:
Johann Christian Bach: Overture to Artaserse - Allegro di molto
(Excerpt during narrative: Thomans Arne: The Morning)
Johann Christian Bach: See the Kind Indulgent Gales
George Frideric Handel: Hornpipe for Vauxhall
(Excerpt during narrative: John Worgan: To fly like Bird)
Thomas Arne: Ariel's Song
James Hook: Organ Concerto in D Major, op. 1, no.5 (Rondo/Allegro)
James Hook: The Lass of Richmond Hill
Performed at Musicians of the Old Post Road's "Pleasure Gardens of London" concert at Gore Place, Waltham, MA, September 2018