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Announcing our 2022-23 Season: Forgotten Voices - A Season of Discovery
For over three decades, we have delighted in introducing audiences to “rediscovered” works that history has overlooked. In our 34th season, we bring you more “rediscovered” works than ever, curating each program and our new Delving Deeper Episode to feature little-known composers or performers worthy of celebration. Join us to experience these centuries-old novelties!

This season, we resume in-person subscriptions and continue offering online subscriptions. In-person subscriptions also include an online subscription! There will be two performances of each program—one in Boston, and one in Wayland, Sudbury, or Worcester—reuniting concertgoers with the beautiful ambiance of historical venues.
American Originals: A Moravian Christmas
Dec. 10, 4pm, Emmanuel Church, Boston • Dec. 11, 4pm, Trinity Lutheran Church, Worcester
Immerse yourself in beautiful music for the season by a unique 18th-century community. For Moravian immigrants to the American colonies, music was an essential part of everyday life. In addition to works penned by the Moravians themselves, we include selections by Handel, Graun, and Haydn that they carefully imported and preserved. With soprano Jessica Petrus and mezzo soprano Hilary Walker
Masterful Madames: Women Composers in the Circle of Frederick the Great
October 29, 4pm, First Parish, Sudbury • October 30, 4pm, Emmanuel Church, Boston
Celebrate three fabulous forgotten female composers: Princesses Anna Amalia and Wilhelmine of Prussia, and Anna Bon. Experience their wonderful chamber music alongside works by other composers in Frederick the Great’s circle, including the music-loving king’s flute teacher J. J. Quantz and his concertmaster Franz Benda.
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Baroque Diva: A Tribute to Faustina Bordoni
March 11, 4pm, First Parish, Wayland • March 12, 4pm, Old South Church, Boston
Delight in dazzling arias and cantatas written for superstar Faustina Bordoni. Faustina’s vocal celebrity inspired a long list of works written to highlight her unique talent. Discover the lasting impact she had on 18th-century opera through virtuoso selections by her husband J.A. Hasse, Pietro Torri, Jan Dismas Zelenka, and Handel. Instrumental pieces by Hasse, Handel, Gasparini, and others complete the scene. Featuring Grammy-nominated soprano Teresa Wakim
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Into the Light: Unearthed Treasures by Christoph Graupner
April 29, 4pm, Worcester Historical Museum • April 30, 4pm, Old South Church, Boston
Thrill to the unveiling of lost works by Christoph Graupner, an unsung German composer who was as legendary in his day as his contemporaries Bach and Telemann. Unseen for centuries, his compositions are gradually coming to light. We introduce you to his concertos, suites, and sonatas along with works by his Darmstadt court colleague Count Ernst-Louis, his talented student Johann Fasch, and his good friend Telemann.
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Chamber Chats
This free presentation-performance series explores a variety of topics focusing on chamber music and historical performance over the coming months.
The series premiered September 26 at 8pm EDT with violinist Sarah Darling, who discusses the evolution of the violin bow over the centuries, demonstrating how naturally each bow works with the repertoire of its age.
The third episode premiered December 5. All episodes are now available on YouTube.