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Seize the Moment! A Musical Treasure Trove

All concerts are Saturdays at 7:30 pm EDT

October 3: Intimate Soliloquies


Alluring, unaccompanied works for flute, violin, viola, cello, harpsichord.
Experience the directness and individuality of Old Post Road's five core members through performances of unaccompanied works. This program includes toccatas for cello by Supriani, harpsichord works by Scarlatti & J. S. Bach, opera aria arrangements for viola by Rolla, the Passacaglia for violin by Biber, and the flute sonata in A Minor by C.P.E. Bach.

December 12: Christmas Potpourri


Festive seasonal rediscoveries from composers across two continents, including instrumental French noël settings, Baroque arias from Italy, Mexico, and England, and Leopold Mozart's playful “Musical Sleigh Ride.”  With soprano Jessica Petrus

March 13: Forgotten Voices


A crescendo of instrumental forces from duo to trio to quartet to quintet that reveal the creative voices of outstanding, overlooked Classical era composers. Franz Danzi’s Duo in G Major for flute and cello, Maddalena Sirmen’s String Trio in D Major, Chevalier de Saint-Georges’s String Quartet in C Major, and Andreas Lidl’s Quintet in G Major for flute and strings.

April 24: C’est Magnifique!


The fabulous, fiery French Baroque on full display! French elegance is united with Italian flair in instrumental works by star composers who enlivened the Paris musical scene, including Clerambault, Leclair, Telemann, and Dauvergne.
The program includes Clerambault’s trio sonata “La Magnifique,” Dauvergne’s Concert de simphonie No. 1 for strings and continuo, a Telemann quartet for flute and strings in D Major published in Paris, and Leclair’s virtuosic Concerto in C Major for flute and strings.
Performers include flutist Suzanne Stumpf performing on traverso, violinists Sarah Darling and Jesse Irons, violist Marcia Cassidy, cellist Daniel Ryan, and theorbo player Olav Chris Henriksen. 
We are excited to announce this online ticketed concert will be streamed live from the sanctuary of the beautiful Trinity Lutheran Church in Worcester, MA!

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Delving Deeper Series - Three Saturdays at 7:30pm

Delving Deeper

With the decades surrounding the birth of J.S. Bach as a nexus, we explore the artistic evolution of some of our period instruments through these three one-hour presentation-performances by OPR core members. 

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The Teenage Violin: Growth Spurts in the Seventeenth Century by Sarah Darling (premiered on Jan. 30, 2021)

Originally used as an instrument for dance bands, the violin really grew to maturity as a solo voice between 1600-1700. Excitement over the flashy new instrument and its potential manifested itself in the Italian "stile moderno" and the German "stylus fantasticus" with highly virtuosic and experimental writing that will be explored in this talk with musical samplings.

Unaccompanied Cello Repertoire: Origins through J. S. Bach by Daniel Ryan (premiered on Feb. 13, 2021)

This presentation/performance explores the origins and early development of the cello. Unlike the violin and viola, the size of the cello was not standardized until the 1680's, much later that its smaller string counterparts. Throughout the Baroque era, there continued to be great variety in how the instrument was made and played, including the number of strings, their tuning, and how the cello and bow were held. The variety in structure of and approaches to the instrument is reflected in the fascinating early repertoire written for it.  Music performed and discussed in this presentation includes some of the earliest works for the cello: a ricercata by Giovanni Battista Degli Antonii and a ricercar by Domenico Gabrielli, both of which use a tuning of the instrument where the top string is tuned to G, one tone lower than the customary A. That same "Italian" tuning was used by J. S. Bach in his Suite No. 5 in C Minor for solo cello which will be discussed and performed in its entirety.

Journey of the Transverse Flute by Suzanne Stumpf
(premiered on Feb. 27, 2021)

From the invention of the Baroque flute just prior to Bach’s birth as the first fully chromatic transverse flute, to the development of multi-keyed Classical and old-system Romantic flutes, to Theobold Boehm's modern flute, listeners will learn about the cultural and technological influences that guided changes to the flute and experience the charm of each instrument through short performances of works by Hotteterre, Telemann, Quantz, Tromlitz, Kuhlau, Gaubert, Debussy, and others.


The Delving Deeper series is supported by the Natick, MA Cultural Council.
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