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on 01 Jul 2024 3:40 PM

carrotsEarth’s miraculous serendipity of a cooperative and perfectly distanced sun, a magnetic field, generous availability of water, and a moon that stabilizes earth’s wobble has given us the gift of habitat and life - for humans and an incredibly diverse plant and animal world, all intertwined and surviving in delicate, fragile balance. As gardeners, foragers, and birdwatchers, we are in reverent awe of the rhythms, pulsing, and songs of our planet.

birdsOur Earthly Baroque concert celebrates this serendipity and how nature has inspired the human spirit in musical creativity for centuries. From the plethora of musical bird calls found in chamber music by Vivaldi, Lampe, Couperin, and Williams, to a whole cacophony of critters in Biber’s over-the-top inventive Sonata Representativa, to the forces of the weather in Werner’s suite for November, we as performing musicians have the joyful opportunity to bring to life artistic imaginings inspired by nature hundreds of years prior.

As we savor this beauty, this joy with our audiences, we now ask: what will things look like for our serendipitously miraculous planet in coming decades? What can we each do to preserve and encourage attention to the survival of all these gifts of nature that are so symbiotically vital to humankind’s own survival?

Please join us on March 12 for “Earthly Baroque” online or in-person in Wayland to celebrate Earth’s inspiring miracles through music. Then, to celebrate more completely, we encourage you to also visit websites of your most trusted and treasured environmental organizations and make a gift today. There are so many terrific land trust organizations in towns across New England along with others orEBganizations stewarding our planet internationally. If you don’t mind, please tell them we sent you!

Suzanne Stumpf and Dan Ryan
Artistic Directors

PS - Here are a few in our immediate MetroWest Boston area:
Sudbury Valley Trustees
Mass Audubon
Trustees of Reservations
Charles River Watershed Association
Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter